English, Geography, Learning Specialist


Brittany Meriwether

Mrs. Meriwether

Welcome to Christ the King! I am Mrs. Meriwether and I am excited to begin my fourteenth year of teaching this year. I earned my undergraduate degree in geography and my masters degree in exceptional education at the University of Tennessee while completing a dual licensure in K-8 elementary and comprehensive special education K-12. Here at Christ the King, I am a learning specialist, 7th and 8th grade English, and 7th grade history teacher.

When visiting my classroom, one can see structure and routines while also observing variety. Student interest and engagement are  priorities for me when I plan my lessons.  Authentic learning experiences where students are thinking, sharing, communicating, and building connections to prior learning make school enjoyable! I am looking forward to building relationships with students, colleagues, and parents.  

I want you to know that I pledge to be the teacher for your child that I want for my own children.  Here are the things I pledge to do this year:

1. Offer multiple methods of instruction to discover the best approach for each child.
2. When appropriate offer choice for homework and classwork assignments.
3. I will not assign "busy work" that is meaningless, all homework will be purposeful and have value to understanding the concept being taught in class.
4. Post homework assignments and important dates in Google Classroom.
5. Encourage and value your child's questions.
6. Offer monthly opportunities for self-reflection on successes and failures, while planning for changes for the next month.
7. Inform you of the curriculum covered each week.
8. Be available to you for support and strategies.
9. Address poor assessment performances (below 70%) with strategies and a chance to gain extra points on the assessment.
10. Be available on Wednesday afternoons to answer questions related to assignments, assessments, and writing.