The Raider Cafe is provided by St. Charles Catering. We are excited for another year at Christ the King.

The Raider Café

Click here for the May menu.  Click here for directions on setting up your new online account.

The Raider Cafe offers at least two lunch items daily. Pre-ordered lunches (ordered online before 7:30 am each day) are $5.25 per meal for PreK - 8th grade. Day of lunch purchases are $5.75. Lunches include an entrée, a vegetable/side salad, fresh fruit or vegetable, and a drink.  Drink choices are water, chocolate/milk, or juice.

Ice Cream and Milk/Drink are available for purchase daily by pre-order or in the lunch line with cash/check. Ice Cream is $1.50 for all varieties, and drinks are $1.00.
Online Ordering - Pre-order and Save $0.50 per lunch.
We are pleased to offer an online ordering and lunch management system -  EZSchoolApps  - 

This is an account based system like many local schools and high schools where you can load money to your online account and pre-order meals using pre-paid account funds and save money.  For detailed, step by step directions on creating your account, click here.

  •  Do I have to pre-order lunches?
    • Pre-ordering lunches is encouraged and will save you money.  We understand that there will be day of lunch orders and that students will forget their lunches.  Teachers will take a daily lunch count so that we know in advance who needs a lunch.  Day of lunch purchases can be paid for with cash/check or charged to the student account.  Milk/Ice Cream can be pre-ordered or paid for in line.  Milk/Ice Cream will not be charged to a student account.
  • Can I change/edit my order or cancel my order due to illness?
    • You can ORDER OR CANCEL lunches daily until 7:30am.  To cancel an order, change your menu item to NO MEAL (there is no cancel button) and you will see a credit on your pre-order balance.  If your child goes home sick from school after the order deadline, please contact us when your pick up your child.  You can email us or stop by the kitchen to let us know.
  • Can I save my credit card information?
    • Yes! With the new system you can save your card information and load money to your account as needed.  Note - you will not charge your card with every order.  You will add fund's to your child's account which will be deducted with each order.  There is no processing fee for daily orders unless you charge your card directly.  Click here for more details. 
  • What happens if my child forgets their lunch or doesn’t have an online order? 
    • Homeroom teachers will take a daily lunch count.  Students with active accounts will be able to purchase lunch and deduct from their student accounts.  For students without funds posted to their account, an email notification will be sent out on a weekly basis with a reminder to add funds and weekly updates on any negative balances will be sent out.  Accounts with negative balances over $22.50 will be locked.  These students will be sent to the office for a meal item provided by the school.
  • How can I pay for day of lunches?
    • Your account can be charged/deducted.  If there are no funds, a negative balance will incur and you can add money to your online account directly when prompted.
  • How do I access the new online system?