Talking with children about the crisis

Talking with children about the crisis
Posted on 08/23/2018

Rocco Palmo (@roccopalmo) maintains the authoritative website for understanding the background and context for what happens in at the Vatican and here in the States among the US Catholic bishops. His independent Whispers in the Loggia is where you need to go to get a broader and deeper understanding of the issues in play among the leaders of the Church. If you're interested in what's going on in Rome and in the USCCB, if you're not following Rocco, you're doing it wrong. 

Rocco offered the following tweet this week (Aug 21) with the text of his explanation of the current crisis for a young person who needed a good answer. Original at - reprinted here for your convenience with kind permission of the author.

As you might be seeing, we're just at the beginning of a very tough time for the Church which is going to impact all of us. A lot of good people have been hurt because priests and bishops haven't been as good and as holy as we should expect them to be. If you ever see or feel that from a priest, promise me you'll tell your parents, one of your teachers, or me about it, so we can make sure it won't ever happen again.

For now, pray for all the good people and priests who are hurt - like you, they only deserve the Church to be the best it can be always.