Caleb Dinger

Hello, my name is Caleb Dinger. This is my second year at CKS. I teach general music and middle school choir at Christ the King. I also lead the student cantor program for weekly school Masses, and I play the piano for the 7AM Mass on Sunday mornings. I studied piano performance at Trevecca University in Nashville, and I got my Master in Music Education degree from Boston University. I am also a recording artist, and I enjoy making music in the thriving music scene in Nashville. 

 In my classroom, we learn how to make music using multiple senses, and we approach music through several different academic disciplines. We learn how music is connected to many disciplines: Catholic faith through discussing lyrical themes in sacred music, history and culture through composers of the month and world music studies, mathematics through rhythms and reading music, science through sound production and technology, English through songwriting, in addition to many more examples. 

 In elementary music, we learn to create, respond, and perform music through a combination of singing, playing instruments, and movement. In middle school, we focus on choral ensemble performance skills, while also working on group projects that include songwriting, creating film music, music business, world music, and much more. We discuss how music is not just notes on a page, but it is something that we do. Musicking is a purposeful activity through which we engage our community and make meaning in God’s world. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to make music at Christ the King with all of my students.