Does My Child Qualify for an SSP?

The Learning Resource Program is designed to enable students with special needs in the area of language arts to have a successful school experience. Language arts include reading, writing and spelling. Students are referred to the program after a psychoeducational evaluation, which certifies the student’s need for special services, has been completed by a licensed professional. This need may result from a specific learning disability or academic giftedness. Students are admitted to programs as the resource teachers' schedules allow. Students already in programs receive priority in scheduling when a new school year begins.

If a child appears to have a need for special services, the parent, classroom teacher, resource teacher, or principal may request a Support Team Meeting (S-team). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss any concerns that the parents or teachers may have, and then to decide on a course of action. This may be a home or school intervention, or a referral for an educational evaluation outside of school. The school will provide information for evaluation through the public school system or a private licensed psycho-educational  examiner.

A family may decide independently of an s-team to have their child evaluated by  licensed appropriate professional. They will need to submit the evaluation to the school in order to request appropriate accommodations

After the evaluation(s) and the document‘s submission,  Christ the King School  can consider a Student Support Plan for the student. If the student was found to have a special need according to state definitions or the DSM-5, a meeting will be held with the team and the family to discuss what reasonable accommodations can be made for the student. These accommodations, or modifications, and specific goals, agreed to by the appropriate faculty members and the family of the student, will be placed in a Student Support Plan for that academic year. Parents and teachers will receive a copy of the S.S.P. and a copy will be placed in the student's confidential file.

Each year that a student qualifies for an S.S.P., the principal, learning specialist , homeroom teacher, and parents will have a meeting at the beginning of the school year to discuss and write a plan for that year. At the end of the school year, the team will reconvene to evaluate the effectiveness of the S.S.P. and to make reasonable recommendations for the following year. The team may also reconvene anytime during the year when one of the team members, including parents, finds that necessary.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS OF ALL CERTIFIED STUDENTS: If a student qualifies for a Student Support Plan, it will be necessary to have that student re-evaluated every three years in order to maintain any accommodations or modifications. If the family chooses to have that evaluation through the Nashville Metropolitan Schools, they should not delay. Parents will need to call the Metro Private School Office (Ms. Cynthia Crum, 615-298-8067; ext.2100) to request a recertification package. When returning the completed forms, please, remember to enclose a copy of the latest certification report if compiled by a private agency. This process is especially important for seventh and eighth grade students.

Christ the King School does not offer speech or occupational therapy, but will assist parents by making referrals for those services if needed.