Raising learning to your level

Teaching students how to learn helps develop better understanding.

Experienced teachers. Structured curriculum. Innovative learning activities. Positive culture. All combine at Christ the King School to nurture each student’s cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational well-being. Academic expectations are high, with an appreciation for a variety of learning styles.

In keeping with Catholic educational tradition and Nashville Diocesan guidelines, our student-centered program is designed to enrich, challenge, motivate and encourage leadership through programs like our Makerspace for grades 3rd through 8th, Battle of the Books for students grades 6th-8th and our Shakespeare production for all middle school students.

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Common Core Standards in the Diocese of Nashville

Click here for a statement on Common Core standards and the curriculum of Christ the King School and the schools of the Diocese of Nashville from Dr. Therese Williams, Superintendent of Schools, and Mrs. Alice Valiquette, Curriculum Director. This link will take you to the Diocese of Nashville website.

Dr. Robert Marzano co-authored a helpful paper on the role of standards in education back in 1998, "Awash in a Sea of Standards." The folks at McRel International ( have graciously given us permission to repost this article: please click here.
© 1998, McREL. Reprinted by permission of McREL. All rights reserved.

Catholic Public Policy Commission Statement on Parental School Choice

In February, 2014 the Catholic Bishops of Tennessee published a letter on parental choice in education. The Catholic Public Policy Commission plays the role of advocating for issues on behalf of Tennessee's bishops in the public forum. Click here for a copy of the letter on Parental Choice in education.

    The Grading System for grades 3-8 is as follows:
    Letter Grade Numerical Score Letter Grade Numerical Score
    A+ 99-100 C 79-83
    A 95-98 C- 77-78
    A- 93-94 D+ 75-76
    B+ 91-92 D 72-74
    B 88-90 D- 70-71
    B- 86-87 F Below 70
    C+ 84-85    

Homework is an extension of the learning that begins at school. It should provide extra practice needed to perfect skills and encourage individual initiative. Teachers recognize individual differences in students; however, homework is based on what the average child can accomplish. A folder containing each student's work is sent home with students every Friday. There are occasional exceptions to this schedule. The following guidelines will aid parents in gauging time spent doing homework.

    Grade Time
    Grade 1 May have 10 to 20 minutes a day
    Grades 2 and 3 May have 20 to 30 minutes a day
    Grades 4 and 5 May have 40 to 50 minutes a day
    Grade 6 May have 50 to 60 minutes a day
    Grades 7 and 8 May have up to 90 minutes a day


The curriculum stresses a traditional education model with emphasis on Christian values, giving all of our students an education that emphasizes foundational knowledge and skills,critical thinking, creativity, and the qualities of character that make for a well-rounded person. Following is a list of the core subject areas we emphasize:

-  Religion
-  Art
Computer Science
Language Arts
Library Science
Social Studies
Mathematics [including Pre-Algebra and Algebra]
Music and Band
Physical Education

christ the king school curriculum
We reinforce learning through positive interactive activities such as:

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Math
Art Enrichment
Class Spiritual Retreats
Curriculum-Based Field Trips
Drama Club
Field Day
Forensics Club
Guitar Classes
National Catholic Math League
Piano and Voice Lessons
School Masses
Spelling Bee
Summer Reading/Math Extensions
Talent Show

History Bee