Mark Vance - Athletic Director

Rowdy Raiders

We believe interscholastic athletic programs provide one of the best ways in which Christian character development can be learned. We view a good athletic program as consciously addressing four main components: Knowledge, Physical Conditioning, Values and Attitudes, and Sportsmanship.

Knowledge: Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals and basic strategies of athletic games. This is reinforced through practice. The expertise that coaches bring to an athletic program is an essential aspect of this component; their precision in effectively communicating fundamentals and their ability to motivate students to learn by this example.

Physical conditioning: We emphasize the importance of sound physical fitness to all students. Routine physical activity increases one's energy level and contributes to quality of life. Athletics provides a means for students to become and remain physically fit.

Values and attitudes: This component is the most important dimension of the philosophy of Catholic athletes. The value of hard work, integrity, pride, toughness, and mental and physical alertness [just naming a few], are the ultimate goals that we wish to see instilled in the student athlete at Christ the King School.

Sportsmanship: We teach this in every athletic program. Although sportsmanship is an outgrowth of our third component [values and attitudes], we feel its importance warrants having a category and focus of its own.


 For more information on Christ the King Athletic Programs, contact Athletic Director Mark Vance at (615) 292-9465. For more information on Diocesan Athletic Council guidelines, CLICK HERE

Coaches, parents, and volunteers: Please make sure you have completed the new the Diocese of Nashville Safe Environment Training at the Catholic Mutual Group site. The Diocesan Safe Environment Program is explained in detail here at the Diocese of Nashville website.

We offer a variety of sports for students of Christ the King School. To participate in any competitive sport and/or cheerleading, a student must maintain a "G" in effort and conduct. Students with a "U" may be placed on academic contract or by recommendation from the teacher or principal. Christ the King School participates in the Parochial League of the Diocese in the following sports:

Varsity: 7th and 8th grade students.
Junior Division: 3rd through 6th grade students.


Any 7th or 8th grade girl may be a cheerleader.

Rowdy Raiders
Any 7th or 8th grader may be a Rowdy Raider.

Cross Country Running

All students in grades K through 8th are eligible.

Flag Football
1st/2nd in the Spring.
3rd/4th in the Spring.
5th/6th in the Fall.
7th/8th in the Fall.


6th through 8th grade students.

4th through 8th grade students.

Fall/Varsity: 7th and 8th grade girls. 
Spring: 5th and 6th grade girls.

Cross Country


Diocesan Athletic Form - CLICK HERE

Parent/Student athlete concussion awareness package - CLICK HERE

Information for Coaches

Concussion awareness is an important point of emphasis at Christ the King and in the Diocese of Nashville. All coaches are required to complete the training courses at the Centers for Disease Control website and the National Federation of State High School Associations. Coaches are required to submit certificates of completion to the Athletic Director before working with student athletes.


NFHS Learn website: CLICK HERE

As a part of our Safe Environment program, all Coaches are required to view the Diocesan Safe Environment Training: CLICK HERE