Physical Education


Mark Vance

Mark Vance

It is my pleasure to be teaching your children this year. I would like to tell you about myself. I graduated from the University of North Alabama with a BS in Physical Education and a Minor in earth and space science. I then took a teaching job at St. Joseph Catholic school in Florence, AL. I taught science and physical education there for six years. I then moved to Nashville and accepted my current position at Christ the King School. In 2008 I earned my masters degree in Administration and supervision. I have served as the Athletic Director and the Physical education teacher for 19 years.

I am very excited about our new facilities and all the possibilities to grow our current athletic and physical education program.

The Physical education curriculum for grades pre-K thru 2nd grade:

Hand eye coordination

Body awareness

Basic movement-non-locomotor and locomotor

Rhythmic movement

Knowledge and attitudes about fitness

The Physical Education curriculum for grades 3-8 includes:

Lifetime sports, such as Soccer,Volleyball,Basketball,Tennis, Hockey,Softball and Bowling

Health and sports related fitness

knowledge and attitudes about fitness

The physical education curriculum is supported through the use of Assertive discipline in my classroom to ensure a safe and positive environment.

Classroom rules:

Follow directions

Respect yourself and others

Use equipment with care

Sit down in assigned seat

participate fully in all class activities

Enter and leave quietly


Verbal warning

Remove from group for 5 minutes and lose 1 Dojo point

Remove from group for 10 minutes and Lose 2 Dojo point(s)

Remove from group for rest of class and lose 3 Dojo point(s)

See Admin Support/Principal