Ms. Sydney Brown

Originally from Illinois, Ms. Brown graduated from the University of Mississippi with degrees in International Studies and Spanish and minors in Business Administration and Theatre. After graduation she joined the Mississippi Teacher Corp and received her Master in Arts in Teaching from the University of Mississippi while teaching full time in Meridian, Mississippi. Ms. Brown moved to Nashville in the summer of 2020 to work at Christ the King and absolutely loves it. Some of Ms. Brown’s favorite things include history, theatre, reading, traveling, her dog Bentleigh and her wonderful students.

Spanish at Christ the King is taught the same way children learn their first language, through a teaching method called Comprehensible Input. This method prioritizes students getting as much language input as possible through listening and reading. Class is taught mostly in Spanish from the very beginning, which requires the teacher to make the Spanish completely comprehensible to the students through body language, gestures, drawing and occasionally translating a word to English. Over time students begin to write and speak in Spanish. Comprehensible Input prioritizes students gaining an understanding for the meaning of words naturally rather than through memorizing vocabulary lists. On any given day at Christ the King you will find Spanish students singing, dancing, creating stories, playing games and doing active activities rather than sitting in their seats and taking notes.